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Speaking of World Building in M/M Fantasy


This post is regrettably late because I spent the day driving and then running errands, so I apologize for that.

I read the earlier post here on world building and was given permission to foist upon thee some recs from M/M fiction (or mainstream fiction that I feel fits the category) that I thought display excellent world building with M/M elements strongly in mind. Preferences vary widely of course, so if you read one of these of these and hate it and wonder what the hell kind of sugar I put on my cereal in the morning, I apologize :3 (and the special sugar goes in the coffee, not on the cereal).

Whatever other flaws these books may or may not have, the world building is excellent. I’ve only listed five here, but I’m always happy to babble incessantly about others should anyone so desire.


MORDRED by Douglas Clegg

This one admittedly plays loose and fast with historical accuracy, but that’s always been permissible with legends like King Arthur. It’s an awesome book, and it will always remain one of my top favorites. The world building was beautiful, I loved it. I so wish the man would publish the rest of them. I wish LT3 was a big enough house I could coax him to me, but alas, I must wait. If you want a solid mix of history & fantasy, and a truly interesting story then read this.

A BOOK OF TONGUES by Gemma Files

This book, this series so far, is just amazing. You don’t get better world building than this. It’s wild west meets Mayans meets magic and a whole lot of things go seriously wrong. Chess is one of the best, most creative characters I’ve ever read. But the world building, my god. It’s stunning and just beautiful to read. Westerns are so much cooler when they’re full of magic and crazyMayan gods destroying everything.


I’m not sure I can ever express how much I love this book. It takes really hard subject matter, and a character that in most books would be the major villain, and makes you love every single word. It’s about a prison that tortures prisoners to save them, and that is such an over-simplification of this book (books, really). If you want oh my god world building, read this. The stuff the author pulls off never ceases to amaze me, because in the hands of so many others it would have failed or been contrived. I adore this book, for the world building and the chars.

SHADOW HUNT by Luisa Prieto and Jayson Taylor

The magic in this book is marvelous, and the government intrigues are very well done. The demons, the city. All of it. I haven’t read it in forever, but it’s a book I’ve read several times. Right from the start the magic system grabbed me, and the world as a whole just kept pulling me in. The sacrifices, the demon elements, love it love it.


I have not read this book in years, but I distinctly remember it because it was the first time that a book took the arranged marriage premise and executed it beautifully in an m/m setting. Even nowadays, I do not see it done often or believably (which is too bad, because it’s a fun premise and I’d like to see it done well more often). I’ve been sad that more books in this verse did not emerge, because I would have neglected the my work to read them.


And that is what I have for now ^__^ I hope those who read enjoy, and that everyone is having a good week and looking forward to a fantastic weekend!