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coffeetimeromance_groupsDuring the month of April, join me at Coffee Time Romance for a free workshop, “Using Prompts to Expand Your Creativity“. Over the coming weeks, we will experiment with using all five senses – and maybe even the sixth – to get onto the page and create some new material. Whatever your writing background, I think prompts can be useful as a tool for trying new things and for overcoming blocks.

Here’s what to expect:

04/07-13/2013: Week 1 – starting with prompts

04/14-20/2013: Week 2 – generating new prompt ideas

04/21-27/2013: Week 3 – resources for expanding your work

04/28-30/2013: Wrap Party

This week, we’ll talk about what, exactly, is a prompt?  How can one use a prompt to get onto the page? If you have ideas, or even healthy skepticism, I hope you’ll drop in and join the conversation. All you have to lose is your writers block.

Once we get the “what izzits” out of the way, we’ll get into the meat and potatoes of the workshop and start writing prompts.  The first assignment is up for you to play with, and will be joined by others as the week progresses. Do you have a favorite way to get on the page? I hope you’ll share!

Head on over to Coffee Time Romance and join me in the fun!


– E.E. Cummings

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